Terms & Conditions


You and the Terms of Service ("Terms") constitute a binding legal agreement. e. they regulate How You use the Loan Match services (the "Services") provided by the Loan Match online platform (the "Platform") and You, the end-user ("You") and Loan Match. Access the Loan Match Platform via the Loan Match website directly. Users can investigate and contrast payday loans and other loan products by using the search engine that Loan Match offers through the Platform. Through its collaboration with a wide range of lenders, Loan Match offers customers access to new financing options while also helping them find opportunities to better their financial circumstances.

Agreement to Terms of Use

You are not permitted to use the Platform or the Services without first consenting to these Terms. You agree to abide by these Terms when you access or use the Platform or/or Services. If you do not consent to be bound by these Terms, you may not use or access the Platform or any of the Services provided through the Platform.

Loan Match has the right to change these terms at any time. Changes made to these terms will take effect straight away when they are posted on the Loan Match website. You agree to these modifications if you keep using the Services and/or Platform.

Privacy Policy

To facilitate the operation and provision of our Services, Loan Match is entrusted with the collection, utilization, and disclosure of specific personal information related to You. This information is managed and safeguarded in accordance with the guidelines outlined in Loan Match's Privacy Policy. For a comprehensive understanding of how Your personal information is collected, disclosed, and protected, please refer to Loan Match's Privacy Policy available at https://loan-match.ca/privacy-policy. Safeguarding Your privacy is of utmost importance to Loan Match, and our Privacy Policy serves as a comprehensive resource elucidating the methodologies we employ for the handling of Your personal data.

User Qualifications
Access to the Platform and utilization of the Services are exclusively permitted for individuals who have reached the age of 19, possess the capacity to enter into legally binding agreements, and demonstrate full competence to fulfill the terms, conditions, and obligations stipulated.

Service Description and Limitations

The Loan Match Platform and Service furnish Users with access to a comprehensive repository of information and resources pertaining to both private and institutional financial services within Canada. This versatile platform empowers Users to engage in in-depth research and comparisons of a wide array of financing services and products.

It is important to note that our Service is extended to You without incurring any charges, as Loan Match refrains from imposing any supplementary fees on the products and services that You encounter during your exploration. Our revenue model relies on compensation received from affiliates through fees and commissions.

Furthermore, it is imperative to understand that Loan Match, inclusive of its owners and employees, does not possess the requisite licenses or qualifications to provide general financial services or offer advice of any nature, as mandated by relevant legal regulations.

Disclaimer and Independent Assessment

You are fully aware and acknowledge that Loan Match, inclusive of its owners and employees, abstains from endorsing, advocating, or providing recommendations regarding the utilization of any services, products, or resources accessible on the Website. It is incumbent upon you to diligently evaluate the suitability, adequacy, and appropriateness of any product or service that captures your interest. The final decision to either acquire or abstain from obtaining any product or service rests entirely with you.

Nature of Service Offerings

The Services provided by Loan Match should not be misconstrued as a formal proposition, whether initiated by Loan Match, an Affiliate, or any other third party, aimed at providing You a specific product or service. Loan Match refrains from participating in the establishment of formal contractual arrangements between You and any provider of lending products or services. Submitting Your information signifies your expression of interest in acquiring the relevant product or service from the respective Service Partner. This interest is subject to the specific terms and conditions set forth by the Affiliate, and the acceptance or rejection of this proposition rests solely with them.

Opt Out Clause

Through your use of the Service, you recognize and grant your approval for us to reach you via email, SMS, direct messaging, or other electronic mediums to disseminate marketing communications, offers, and updates. If you desire to cease receiving these communications, You may choose to decline or reject the offer by responding, "No" or a similarly negative response


You: Denotes the end-user, the individual accessing and utilizing the Platform and Services, typically the party agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined in the document.

Affiliates: Refers to associated companies, organizations, or entities that have a business relationship with Loan Match and may be involved in the provision or promotion of financial products and services.

Platform: The digital infrastructure and online environment, which includes the website, used for providing access to the Services and information about financial products and services. It may also encompass related tools, features, and resources.

Website: The online portal or domain, such as www.loanmatch.com, that serves as the primary web-based interface for accessing the Platform and Services offered by Loan Match.